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Pakostane - the center of the Adriatic coast
Situated in the very centre of the Adriatic coast, at the location between the sea and Nature park Lake Vrana, Pakoštane is small and unique Dalmatian village with 2500 inhabitants. Warm and crystal clear Adriatic Sea, mediterranean nature and climate and vicinity of many natural attractions and cultural monuments, determined the fate of Pakostane as a tourist resort.

The sunny sandy beaches, the hidden coves of nearby islands, benefits of the Dalmatian kitchen, and number of sport, recreational and entertainment activities will make an unforgettable summer even for the most demanding individual.

Vicinity of natural attractions such as national parks Kornati, Krka and Paklenica, nature parks Vransko jezero i Telašćica, as well as couple of historic Croatian towns and several attractive archaeological sites completes tourist offer of Pakostane. With its unique position, environment, appearance and charm Pakoštane is one of the top tourist destinations.

This peaceful and quiet Dalmatian village enchant visitors with the natural ambience and hospitality of the hosts. Indented coastline with numerous bays and pebble beaches provide guests wishing to be alone its "own" part of the sea, away from mass tourism. Good accommodation at affordable prices can be found in private rooms, boarding houses, small hotels or in the shade of modern camps, with the rich selection of fish dishes and local cuisine.

Vicinity of Pakoštane and its attractive charm will complete contents of the well spent vacation in the picturesque Drage.

The distance of Vrgada Island from the mainland is only 2.5 nautical miles. It is connected with Pakostane by local shipping line, which brings the visitors to the exuberant beauty of the Mediterranean nature.

Pine forests, picturesque bays with sandy and pebble beaches and an exceptionally clear and clean sea offer a unique pleasure of swimming and vacation. All that can arouse the feelings of the modern Robinson.
In such atmosphere Vrgada becomes a place for a quiet holiday full of relaxation and enjoyment in virtually untouched nature.
Comfortable accommodation can be found in private rooms, apartments or campsites shade accompanied by pleasure of the fish dishes and good local cuisine restaurants.

The old village Vrana is situated near the northern end of Vrana Lake. This quite small and usual village whose residents live of agriculture has been built on the spot where once where historic Liburna settlement called Auran or Laurana Arauzona. Archaeological discoveries dating from 11 and 10 century BC (bronze sword from the first phase of Liburnian culture) have been found in the village and since that time begins a very exciting story. The remains of the aqueduct that supplied water to ancient Jadera are rare traces of Roman architecture in this region. The importance of this small village was especially increased during Middle Ages. At that time Vrana was possession of Croatian rulers, with fortified city in which, according to legend, the crown was kept.

Throughout the Middle Ages Vrana was the scene of competing imperial powers battles, in which exchanged the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitallers, Croatian – Hungary rulers, Venetians and Turks until Venetians finally destroyed city and walls to the ground.

Even today there are recognizable remains of the architecture including the remains of a Benedictine monastery which kept the crown of the Croatian rulers and the Maškovića han (a preserved specimen of Turkish architecture) as evidence of glorious history of this region. The knight games with themes from the history of Vrana will be held during the year.

Biograd n/m
Once the crown city of Croatian kings, Biograd na moru is now well-known tourist and nautical center. Town, which has grown to the size just suitable for living, is located on a peninsula surrounded by modern marinas and a promenade with an unforgettable view of the Pasman canal and the scattered islands.

Swimming in the clear water is possible only a hundred meters away from the city center where the pebble beach with many amenities are in the shade of ancient pine forests, and for those who prefer solitude we recommend wooded islets in the channel.

Location in the middle of the Croatian coast, surrounded by 5 National Parks and 2 Nature Parks, close to the Kornati Archipelago and Lake Vrana, a long-standing tradition in tourism and a rich tourist, sporting and catering facilities are just some of the reasons for choosing Biograd as a destination for an interesting and dynamic vacation.

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